Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Media on the Values Voters Debate

Here’s what the news didn’t think was important to tell you.

Who was the ONLY candidate to have supporters outside the Values Voters debate? RON PAUL Which candidate had a tug boat, all painted red, white, and blue, going up and down the New River tooting its horn? RON PAUL Which candidate had yard signs and banners posted all over downtown? RON PAUL Who was the ONLY candidate to have a public reception for their supporters after the debate? RON PAUL

You didn’t see that on your TV or in your newspaper did you? Do you ever ask yourself why? Maybe you should. There were at least 100 Ron Paul supporters standing in front of the Performing Arts Center waving signs, holding huge banners, and chanting it up for Ron Paul big time! There wasn’t a sign or supporter for any other candidate for miles. A Hillary Clinton follower, who said he just got out of prison, harassed the Ron Paul supporters to the point that he got himself arrested by the police. What is it about Hillary that attracts these whackos? Peaceful Ron Paul rally’ers are really getting sick and tired of these stunts.

If there were this level of support for one of those bottom 4 candidates, who have a lot of money, you can bet it would’ve been reported. Now what TV channel recorded and observed all the above but didn’t think it was important enough to tell you. The local NBC Channel 6 that’s who!

Other Republican candidates might have more money but ONLY Ron Paul has real human beings backing him up and that’s what the media and the money candidates want to make sure you don’t see.


Chuck said...

We'll persevere.

Scott said...

Thanks for reporting this!

What's the answer to the MSM's lack of reporting? ... Yard signs! A yard sign for every Ron Paul supporter! ... because yard signs are visible to everyone!


rsbell said...

I arrived at the debate just as it was finishing. When I got in, all the candidates had already left the stage except for one: Dr. Ron Paul. He was mobbed (in a good way) by people waiting to shake his hand and have photographs with him and his wife Carol. Despite being tired from a grueling schedule, he stayed and graciously greeted all who remained.

From there, he headed over to a riverfront restaurant and gave another rousing speech to well over 100 enthusiastic supporters, including numerous families with children.

I think this kind of support makes the other candidates feel kind of lonely.

Carol mentioned that the other campaigns call up and ask "what's the secret?" You could tell them and I still don't think they would get it...

Julie said...

I totally agree! The coverage of the Value Voter debate was, like most all mainstream media these days, pathetic. A reporter was out in front of the venue at the start of the debate, where a small crowd of around 75-100 Ron Paul Supporters (including me) were out with signs, banners, shirts, posters, etc. While one segment aired on the local news briefly showed us in the background, the other missed it completely. Not to mention, they didn't SAY word one about it.

Why did they not address it? There was a huge bus carrying "The Granny Warrior" parked down the way - she's a Ron Paul supporter who would have made a great human interest piece. And what about the TUG BOAT on the CANAL with a HUGE Ron Paul banner??? And for crying out loud: the PEOPLE who came out, decked out, on a Monday night. Around 100 at the pre-rally, and a couple hundred+ at the after party, where they stuck around -- many of them -- until merely MIDNIGHT to meet and show support for Dr. Paul.

And why didn't the media mention how the candidates did in the debate? Perhaps the results were not yet released by the time it aired. Fair enough. But according to Ron Paul's speech at the after party, he came in 2nd (I did not hear who came in first? Anyone?) I just took an online poll and, upon voting, it showed that Ron Paul was winning at 46% based on last night's performance. Check it out for yourself:


I think it is VERY newsworthy that not only was there a large group of supporters rallying before the debate - but that there were NO OTHER SUPPORTERS FOR ANY OTHER CANDIDATES ANYWHERE! Not one! Not one Huckabee or Brownback supporter in sight.

So the media tells us what candidates didn't show. Great. Well, as for the ones that did, I find it perhaps of GREAT interest to the viewing audience that only Ron Paul had a considerable crowd of people gathered in support, chanting, cheering, waving signs, and turning out for a party afterwards.

~Julie Perry