Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ron Paul is the biggest threat to the White House

What question is it that is asked to Dr. Paul every time he is interview? Every time he is on TV or the radio or in a debate he gets asked the same question. That question is “Will you consider running as an independent if you don’t get the Republican nomination?” Have you asked yourself why this question is so important? The reason it is so important is because it makes the difference of whether or not the big government Republican, like Giuliani, Romney, or Huckabee, has a run at the White House.

Dr. Paul has consistently said he has no plans to run as an Independent but he has never completely ruled it out either. If Dr. Paul loses the primary and bails out of the race then this leaves the door open for a big government Republican against a big government Democrat in the November 2008 election. This is what the central bankers, military industrial complex, main stream media, and basically all those who feed from the government trough want. However, if he runs as an Independent, then basically we’ll have a Bush Sr., Clinton, and Perot situation all over again and it’s a safe bet that the Republicans will surely lose the White House.

Ron Paul is the only small government candidate in the race for the White House. A big government Republican doesn’t have a shot at beating the Democrat. If the GOP were wise, they would see that Ron Paul is the only candidate that has a shot at beating the Democrat nominee.

The bottom-line is the Republican leadership needs to ensure the nomination of Dr. Paul as their Presidential candidate or they will definitely lose the White House.