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Friday, October 3, 2008

McCain - typical Republican hypocrite

John McCain just became the biggest hypocrite in World history.
He says one thing out of his mouth and does the other.

How typical has this been with the Republicans over the last decade? Remember when Bush, Sr. was President and the Republicans controlled the House and Senate? Government grew way past inflation. And then Clinton was the President for eight years and government only grew 3% a year. Those were the good ole days heh? Now under George W we get a minimum of 17% growth a year. He's never seen a bill worth a vetoe!
They keep spouting smaller government but do the opposite.

McCain likes to tout how big a pork buster he is? Really? The day before the Senate vote John McCain said he wouldn't vote for the bill if it had pork in it. The next day he voted for the largest pork bill in the World history to the tune of $810 Billion dollars!

I think he just signed his fate away to Obama. How can anybody trust a man with character like that?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ooooh, I get it now!

Oh, I get it now. This is how an aspiring Socialist government takes over its countries large corporations. First, create entangling alliances through taxes, tax breaks, lobbyists, and regulations. Second, pass legislation causing them to fail like CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) and penalize them for not enforcing it. Finally, hype the crisis and offer to buy them. Brilliant!

The REAL solution to this mess is to allow the failed corporations to go through the bankruptcy process like the rest of us and then give their Congress a severe spanking.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Financial Crisis: Who predicted it?

Have you been watching TV lately? All the “bubble headed bleach blondes” and “yellow journalist Joe’s” racing around to see which one can get the next Republican or Democrat ignoramus to talk about our financial crisis. But there’s one very important person they keep forgetting to interview….not accidentally I’m sure. Only ONE economic expert, who has, for 18 months now, like Paul Revere riding in the night, warned of our impending financial crisis. He predicted the mortgage crisis. and he predicted the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts.

Yet the only people the major news tabloids want to talk to are the very congressmen who are responsible for our failing financial policies or the presidential candidates who have no solution or even a sane recognition of a problem. It is rather disgusting. The media wants to continue to shun the man who knew of this coming problem and who is also the only man with the solution. How can the media have forgotten this man who brought this issue up at the dozen or so Republican Presidential debates during the primaries? Big media must have Alzheimer’s.

Who is this prophetic genius you ask? Why, it’s none other than Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. Wake Up America!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wanted: Time Magazine editors

Here again I pick up a TIME magazine and find it seriously flawed. They really need to get some editors who do some research before publishing the crap their journalist are giving them.

In their September 4th, 2008 edition, Nathan Thornburgh writes an article entitled How Sarah Palin Mastered Politics. In this article the author states in reference to Sarah Palin "She was about to become the second female vice-presidential candidate in history — and the first ever for the Republican Party".

Second female VP candidate in history? Give me a break!

What about Joanne M. Jorgensen in 1998 of the Libertarian Party or Winona LaDuke in 1996/2000 of the Green Party or Nancy Lord in 1992 of the Libertarian Party...etc. I could go on and on. Go to and see for yourself the multitudes of US women VP candidates.'s that for a slap at women suffrage in America. It continues today with TIME magazine!

Nathan Thornburgh and the TIME magazine editors need to go back to school and relearn some history!

Additionally, my child continues to come home with "Time for Kids" with wrong information. I'm beginning to believe they are "spinning" history intentionally.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Jimmie Vaughan Performing at the Rally


Famed guitarist (and Ron Paul supporter) Jimmie Vaughan will be providing the entertainment for The Rally for the Republic After Party. The party will be taking place at The Lone Tree/Annex (music starts right away on the linked page)- one block away from the Target Center. It will officially start at 9:30 pm‚ and it will last until 4 am. There is a $10 cover charge‚ and there will be a cash bar/limited food menu.

Jimmie Vaughan is the brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan‚ and a musical legend in his own right. In addition to his involvement with many bands and famous artists over the years‚ he is an accomplished and successful solo artist that is known for his masterful blues guitar work. From the official bio on his site:

Known for his deceptively simple yet complex attack‚ his clean‚ uncluttered style capitalizes on conveying the emotion and message within the music‚ He utilizes raw emotion‚ simplicity‚ and an elegance that is powerful and accessible‚ yet communicates exactly what he feels inside. It’s an approach that has earned him the respect of many of the greats of contemporary music‚ and guest appearances on such albums as B.B. King and Eric Clapton’s Riding With The King‚ Bob Dylan’s Under The Red Sky‚ Willie Nelson’s Milk Cow Blues‚ Carlos Santana’s Havana Moon and Don Henley’s Inside Job.

So‚ don’t feel like you have to rush out of Minneapolis after the Rally! The C4L staff would love to meet you if you are able to attend. Jimmie Vaughan's Website

Campaign For Liberty

Rally for the Republic

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sara Evans Performing at the Rally for the Republic!

C4L is Proud to Announce: Country Superstar Sara Evans Performing at the Rally for the Republic!

The Campaign for Liberty is happy to announce that Country Music Superstar Sara Evans will perform as a special treat for Rally for the Republic attendees. Sara Evans‚ a multi-platinum recording artist and 2006 Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year‚ will bring her remarkable talents to an already stellar cast of performers and speakers. Her performance is sure to cap off a wonderful day on September 2nd.

More on Sara Evans

To join the tens of thousands of people concerned about Liberty in America go to and sign up!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

** Rally for the Republic 8/31-9/2 **

This is going to be a wonderful event in Minneapolis, MN!

I have my tickets and flight and hotel. I can't wait to see Tucker Carlson emceeing and the country star Rockie Lynne. Oh, and I'm in love with Aimee Allen!!! Check out her hot and sexy video at:

More information on the rally can be found here:

And if you are of the type, like me, who REALLY cares about liberty in the USA then join up at

Other speakers include Jesse Ventura, Barry Goldwater Jr., Gary Johnson, Bruce Fein, Grover Norquist, Doug Wead, Adam Curry, Marc Scibilia, Rick Ellis, Thomas Woods.

and of course Ron Paul! Who will give a speech to remember forever!

Buy tickets online for $17.76 at ticketmaster:

or by phoning ticketmaster at


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two crimes don’t make a right!

Two crimes don’t make a right!

The first crime was the Executive branch’s practice of spying on Americans without a warrant, a direct violation of our 4th Amendment. The second crime would be if Congress granted immunity to the telecom companies who cohort with the Federal government to commit the first crime. Two crimes don't make a right.

Since we no longer have the Constitutional right to "redress our grievances" with the Federal Government, we have no other recourse than the ability to sue those who cooperate with those who violate our rights! When the government stops being the vehicle to protect American rights what better way is there than to sue the corporations who actually commit crimes at the government’s request? Suing the telecom companies is a wonderful checks and balance alternative.

What a horrendous precedent this would set if Congress granted immunity to the Telecom companies. Imagine a government that was free to violate your rights and then freely grant immunities to anyone else that violated your rights.

Call your Senators and Representatives and insist they vote AGAINST immunity to the telecoms!

Go to and put in your zip code in upper left corner for their phone #’s.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Professional Analysis of Rep. Pres. debate

Professional analysis of the Republican Presidential debate on 1/30

Cooper asked McCain a question and he answered it slowly and then made some smart ass remark to Romney. Romney spent a good deal of time countering the smart ass remark and then McCain got to counter back and so forth….then Cooper asked McCain a question about Romney and he answered it slowly and then made a smart ass remark about Romney. Romney spent a good deal of time countering the smart ass remark and then McCain got to counter back and so forth…then Cooper asked Romney a question about McCain and made some smart ass remark to McCain. McCain spoke slowly and spent a good deal of time countering the smart ass remark and then Romney go to counter back and so forth…….by the way, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee were in attendance also.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

If Ron Paul scares you, you might be a SOCIALIST


Actually, if Ron Paul scares you, you ARE either a Socialist or a Big-Government neo-con!

Consider yourself in good company because you represent about 90% of AmeriKa!

I know, now your angry, but don't worry. The truth will piss you off before it sets you FREE.

The rest of us 10% have been voting and supporting Ron Paul!


Monday, January 7, 2008

News Corp (FoxNews) stock is falling!!!

News Corp (FoxNews) stock is falling!!!

News Corp is the parent company of Fox News. It’s time to make them pay in the pocket books!
Show them that if they think they are going to choose our President for us then they will have to pay severely for it.

I just discovered that my Vanguard IRA had News Corp as a holding. So I sold it off into a Bond fund. Stocks are falling anyway…bonds seem to be safer at the moment. Bye Bye News Corp!

Next I’m going to look into my 401K and get News Corp out of there also.

You can check if News Corp is invested in your fund by going to:

Put in the ticker or name > click on the html link next to form N-Q > then click on the N-Q Document. Search that page for “News” to see if News Corp is in your fund.

News Corp. is crashing (NWS), click link to see graph