Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wanted: Time Magazine editors

Here again I pick up a TIME magazine and find it seriously flawed. They really need to get some editors who do some research before publishing the crap their journalist are giving them.

In their September 4th, 2008 edition, Nathan Thornburgh writes an article entitled How Sarah Palin Mastered Politics. In this article the author states in reference to Sarah Palin "She was about to become the second female vice-presidential candidate in history — and the first ever for the Republican Party".

Second female VP candidate in history? Give me a break!

What about Joanne M. Jorgensen in 1998 of the Libertarian Party or Winona LaDuke in 1996/2000 of the Green Party or Nancy Lord in 1992 of the Libertarian Party...etc. I could go on and on. Go to http://www.guide2womenleaders.com/Candidates_Vice1880.htm and see for yourself the multitudes of US women VP candidates.

...how's that for a slap at women suffrage in America. It continues today with TIME magazine!

Nathan Thornburgh and the TIME magazine editors need to go back to school and relearn some history!

Additionally, my child continues to come home with "Time for Kids" with wrong information. I'm beginning to believe they are "spinning" history intentionally.


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